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Special tools for threading

Special tools for threading

The direct and most reliable route to creating a cost-effective machining concept often involves the use of a special tool. This is also true for the production of threads. Our experts develop customer-specific, cost-effective special tools for threading in all metal materials.

Our Walter Prototyp thread former is used for non-cutting thread production, which involves neither bird nesting nor chip-related problems. We also develop and design for specific thread types, depending on customer requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Very high level of process reliability, even with deep blind-hole and through-hole threads
  • Impressive tool life coupled with excellent thread surface
  • Fewer tool changes and optimal machine output resulting from high forming speeds and significantly longer tool life
  • Very cost-efficient because it can be used for blind-hole and through-hole threads
  • High level of dynamic tensile strength of the formed thread due to cold forming of the thread flanks and thread root

Of particular note, too, are our special solutions for the fastenings industry. Thanks to a range comprising a very wide variety of standard and special tools, tailored specifically to the customer's requirements, Walter Prototyp tools are in use in all machine types in the nut sector.