The proven, high-performance Walter Capto™ system is the optimum interface for lathes and turning and milling centers. Because of its unique polygonal form, both torsional moments and bending moments can easily be accommodated. As such, users have access to an extremely high-precision and fast tool-change system in the sizes C3, C4, C5, C6 and C8, which we manufacture in accordance with ISO 26623.

The Walter Capto™ tool range:

  • Walter Capto™ turning toolholder with rigid, lever-type, wedge-type and screw-type clamping
  • Walter Turn 45° toolholder developed specifically for turning and milling centres
  • Walter Capto™ clamping units that allow this system to be used on all machines.
  • Adaptors for Weldon shanks, square shanks, taps, milling cutters, extensions, reductions, etc.
  • Special tools with Walter Capto™ interface


Here, you can see an extract from our product portfolio. If you would like an overview of our complete range, please refer to our general catalogue.