The Walter Prototyp Protodyn® (S) Plus is a thread former for general applications with an even longer tool life. The version of this tool with lubrication grooves is also ideal for thread depths of up to 3.5 x d. All in all, this is a universal HSS-E thread former for use with all ductile materials.

Facts and advantages:

  • Optimized polygonal form reduces friction and thereby increases tool life
  • High degree of process reliability, even for deep blind-hole and through-hole threads, thanks to the non-chipping thread production process
  • Maximum machining reliability, particularly for small dimensions, thanks to stable tool geometry
  • Reduction in tool diversity, since the one tool can be used universally in a wide range of materials, as well as for blind-hole and through-hole threads
  • High level of dynamic tensile strength of the formed thread due to cold forming of the thread flanks and thread root
  • Available with and without lubrication grooves