With the extension of our Walter Capto™ range to include the size C8, we are now offering an extremely strong and stable solution for heavy-duty machining. These adaptors are, for example, deployed on vertical turret lathes or large turning and milling centers. Walter Capto™ adaptors are manufactured to ISO 26623 standards and thereby work in all machines. Clamping units, turning toolholders and adaptors are available.

Facts and advantages:

  • Thanks to the 80 mm collar diameter, the tools can accommodate extremely high forces
  • Repeat accuracy after tool change of +/- 0.002 mm
  • For cost-effective and precise machining of large components, such as those found in the railway industry, power generation industry or aircraft and aerospace industry
  • The tools can be preset
  • Time savings during tool changes for short chip-to-chip times