Twice the productivity with Walter Prototyp MC326 and MC726

With the new MC326 type mills (shoulder/slot mill with 50° helix angle) and MC726 (routing mills with 50° helix angle), the precision tool specialists from Tübingen are now going one step even further: Representing the new high-performance product line "Walter Supreme", they are positively playing in the "Champions League" of the machining world, offering a high level of performance in terms of cutting parameters and tool life.

The new WK40TF cutting material used is a combination of tougher carbide substrate and a new type of TiAlN coating. This, in conjunction with a special cutting edge pre-treatment process, means that performance is now doubled, with up to 100 percent longer tool life while maintaining the same output, or up to 100 percent higher cutting speeds.

The mills really are all-purpose tools. Virtually all steps in machining can be performed, including side milling, full-slot milling, circular pocket milling, rectangular pocket milling, trochoidal machining operations or ramp milling. Furthermore, they can be used to a large extent universally for different types of material, with a focus, however, on steel and secondary applications for stainless steel, cast iron and heat-resistant alloys.

The MC326 and MC726 mills from the Walter Supreme product line are immediately available as a complete range, which also includes variants with a neck and corner radius, as well as with Weldon and cylindrical shanks.​