A clear-cut combination

With Tiger•tec Silver® WMP20S, Walter AG offers a new, thin coating of Tiger•tec Silver®, that combines two characteristics, which until now have often been contradictory: Sharp-cutting geometries and a wear-resistant CVD layer. As tough materials, stainless steels in the ISO M material group require indexable inserts with sharper cutting edges.

However, when machining commercial steels such as ISO P, the wear resistance of the tool is paramount, generated in part by the precise cutting edge shape. Walter already offers solutions for both areas of application, with the cutting tool material grades Tiger•tec® WSM (PVD coating) and Tiger•tec Silver® WPP..S (CVD coating). The new member of the Tiger•tec Silver® product family, WMP20S, is right in the middle: It is only half as thick as conventional CVD coatings.

The required stability and wear resistance is achieved by using the Tiger•tec Silver® technology’s mechanical post-treatment, which has been established since 2011. The strengths of WMP20S lie in small batch and prototype production. Significant cost savings can be achieved in this regard. Some customers, e.g., in the medical industries, do not want to do without a sharp edge, but at the same time, need longer tool life. Here, the new combination cutting tool material provides an alternative to Walter’s long-established WSM grades.