A firm handle on tools

​Previously, the hydraulic expansion clamping principle has been predominantly a toolholding technology for drilling, and, in milling operations, it was mainly used for finishing. With the AK 182, Walter is now launching a hydraulic expansion chuck onto the market which, due it is high degree of concentricity and damping, is also suitable for roughing.

​The new Walter hydraulic expansion chuck meets all the requirements of a modern, powerful and high-precision chuck. The design features vibration-damping properties which significantly reduce the risk of the tool coming loose due to vibration, particularly during milling. It also has a positive effect on tool life. Compared to the hydraulic expansion chucks and collet adaptors produced by Walter's competitors, it is possible to transmit significantly higher torques: this means the tools can therefore also be used for roughing.

​In addition to roughing and finishing as part of the milling process, the AK 182 is also suitable for drilling, reaming and threading. The chuck's vibration damping increases tool life by up to 40 percent. Handling it couldn't be easier. The chuck can be tightened or released using a conventional hexagon key. The AK 182 has been available since April. Laboratory tests demonstrate that it is one of the best hydraulic expansion chucks on the market.