Porcupine with unyielding spines

After the successful market launch of the F5041 and F5141 shoulder mills, Walter is now launching the F5138 – the first porcupine cutter in a refined Walter BLAXX design. Effective performance in this milling category requires the most stable and reliable tool concepts – and it is precisely this requirement that Walter BLAXX fulfils. The user benefits  from outstanding performance when profiling and shoulder milling.

There is a long list of special features relating to Walter BLAXX milling cutters. Firstly, the distinctive, specially treated glossy black surface catches your eye. But there is much more to it than an eye-catching appearance – above all, it acts as highly effective protection from corrosion and wear. Performance on the machine then shows how  various elements can combine to create a harmonious outcome.

As with other Walter shoulder mills, the F5138 porcupine cutter provides feed rates that far exceed conventional examples from this tool class, regardless of whether steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, materials with difficult cutting properties or cast iron workpieces are to be machined. Four-edged, tangential indexable inserts made of the Tiger•tec® Silver high-performance cutting material and manufactured using the latest carbide technology, are so positioned in the cuttert to ensure a large mass of carbide in the direction of the cutting forces. At the same time, thanks to the design of the insert seat, the tool body has a reinforced core, benefitting from an extremely large material cross-section.