In rapture of the deep

XD drills leave other deep-hole drilling tool systems far behind. This is reason enough for the Tübingen-based precision-tool manufacturer to expand their standard range of high-speed deep-hole drills.

XD technology (XD stands for extremely deep) from Walter AG enables holes of up to 70 x Diameter to be drilled in one operation without pecking, in steel, cast iron or non-ferrous metals. Until now, the standard range of XD drills reached up to 30 x D, with the user receiving longer tools as special versions. This limit is now being pushed upwards, because, with immediate effect, the 40 x D drilling depth with the D40 X•treme is available in the standard range.

The tool is based on the most recent production technology and has an advanced TiALN-tip coating for a long tool life. Additional features include internal coolant channels for optimum heat dissipation and reliable chip evacuation. The latter is also supported by polished flutes. Four  lands keep the drill exactly on its intended course. All features ensure a high level of process reliability, even with angled hole exits or cross holes. A high-pressure coolant system is not required – in order to plunge without "coming up for air", a standard system with a coolant pressure of 40 bar, such as is integrated in every machining centre, is sufficient. The XD technology is superior to classic gun drills – that has now been confirmed many times over. On one occasion, for example, when machining piston rods made of ST52-3 for the hydraulics industry, increases in tool life of more than 300 percent were achieved.​