More than just regrinding

Walter Multiply – Reconditioning

​​​​​Demanding customers require 100 % performance at all times. This requirement must of course also apply to tool reconditioning when it comes to users of high-performance tools.

Walter Multiply reconditions tools so that they are "like new". The reconditioned tool impresses customers once more by working to full capacity in actual practice. Without a doubt, tool reconditioning pays off: The service life of a tool is increased each time it is ​​reconditioned​.

.Walter Multiply reconditioning is available for:

  • solid carbide drills
  • XD drills
  • solid carbide mills*
  • solid carbide and HSS step drills and special tools
  • high-performance HSS-Co drills and mills


Walter Multiply offers a complete reconditioning service from one source.

*Reconditioning for Walter Prototyp products is not available in all regions, please contact your local Walter Representative for more details.