New BMT/DO parting blade adaptors with precision cooling

Walter's new parting blade adaptors for BMT/DO machines distinguish themselves from others in two key ways: The coolant flows through the adaptor, and the coolant is transferred directly through the parting blade to the cutting zone.

Both of these new features are crucial for ensuring optimal cooling of both the insert and the parting blade. An O-ring seal ensures that the coolant is transferred effectively and without loss of pressure. For particular cases, the adaptors can also be used with external cooling, either instead of internal cooling or in addition to it. All that is needed is to shut off the coolant nozzle that supplies coolant internally. The systems are designed so that the user only needs a single bracket, whether you are installing them in the standard position or overhead. An additional benefit is the centre height for each individual workpiece can be adjusted as required on the adaptor itself within a range of +/- 0.5 mm. This allows an exact centre position to be achieved for the workpiece that is to be machined, without needing to carry out any extra work.

The precision of the coolant supply means that only very short chips are produced and relatively little wear occurs when using the new Walter BMT/DO parting blade adaptors. The downtime required to clear large volumes of accumulated chips is a thing of the past; at the same time, the machine's productivity increases. The robust holder is designed to allow machining in any position required, and eliminates vibration during operation. Walter's new parting blade adaptors work with a coolant pressure of 10 to 80 bar. This means that they can be used on virtually any of the machines that are currently available on the market and feature a BMT interface.

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