Machining non-ferrous metal

PCD special tools for machining non-ferrous metals

Higher quality, longer tool life

Walter PCD tools are the best choice for cost-effective precision machining of lightweight and high-strength materials such as aluminium and magnesium-based alloys or composite materials.

The benefits are obvious: PCD tools from the high-tech brand MODCO guarantee better quality, greater process reliability and, above all, higher productivity. In terms of the tool life alone, they achieve a result that is many times greater than with standard carbide tools.

In addition to the aerospace industry, pneumatic/hydraulic industry and end users machining cast iron, we have enabled mass producers in the automotive industry to manufacture high-quality components at seriously competitive unit prices through the use of our MODCO PCD tools and our sophisticated process solutions.​

Tell us about your machining requirement, and we will provide you with a precisely tailored PCD tool for the high-precision machining of your components.