The new Walter Tiger•tec® Silver PVD cutting tool material grades are the logical continuation of the Tiger∙tec® cutting tool material grades – and proof that wear resistance and toughness are not mutually exclusive. With this unique combination of heat resistance and toughness, this cutting tool material sets new standards in terms of cost efficiency when machining steel, stainless materials and heat-resistant alloys.


  • low thermal load for the substrate due to Al2O3 coating. Maximum tool life thanks to easy wear detection and improved layer hardness
  • low tendency for build-up on the cutting edge due to improved surface structure
  • maximum process reliability due to maximum cutting edge stability High-precision microgeometry guarantees consistent tool life
  • the four grades of WSM13S, WSM23S, WSM33S and WSM43S form a complete range

Tiger▪tec® Silver​​​