With their sturdy, tangential and four-edged indexable inserts, the newly developed Walter Xtra•tec® side and face mills ensure a high machining volume for parting, slotting, grooving and shoulder milling. The tools are ideally suited to roughing and finishing operations and are therefore particularly popular in the following sectors: general mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, as well as the aircraft and aerospace industry.

Facts and advantages:

  • high metal removal rate, even on low-performance machines, thanks to the positive and soft cutting action
  • high degree of process reliability thanks to stable, tangential indexable inserts
  • low cutting material costs thanks to indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges
  • system indexable inserts: 1 type of indexable insert for multiple cutting widths
  • maximum productivity through universally deployable Tiger•tec® coatings

Tiger▪tec® Silver​​