The Walter Prototyp TMD is a solid carbide thread milling cutter for cutting internal threads. This tool drills, countersinks and mills the thread in one operation. It is suitable for use in short-chipping aluminium and cast iron materials. Its hard material coatings have been specifically matched to its wide range of applications, which leads to an extremely long tool life.

Facts and advantages:

  • maximum cost efficiency with drilling, countersinking and thread milling in a single working cycle, thereby eliminating the need for unproductive tool changes and travel paths
  • increased productivity by shortening processing times by up to 50 %
  • space savings in the tool magazine
  • reduction in both the number and variety of tools, since the tool is used for both blind hole and through hole threads
  • precise positioning of the core hole in relation to the milled thread
  • our "TEC+CCS" and "GPS" expert system provides optimum cutting data, as well as the 'ready-to-use' CNC programme