In developing the Walter Prototyp TMO solid carbide orbital thread mills for small threads from M1.6 to M8, Walter Prototyp has not only expanded its product range, but also introduced a new milling strategy. Since the cutting edge is only three thread turns in length, thread milling is performed in a special helical curve. This new operating principle leads to a significant reduction in radial forces, which in turn increases process reliability, particularly when working with materials that are difficult to cut or very expensive components.

The brand new TMO thread mill with internal cooling supports the chip removal, especially in deep holes threads. This effects that it has a very good thread quality, highest process reliability and therefore a significant increasing tool life.

Facts and advantages:

  • greater shank diameter for vibration-free deployments, even with a longer overhang length
  • shorter cutting edge, smaller helix angle and positive rake angle for reduced forces and a soft cut
  • design for 2 x d and 3 x d deep threads with and without internal cooling
  • our "TEC+CCS" and "GPS" expert system provides a special milling strategy, tailored specifically to the respective application, as well as optimum cutting data and the 'ready-to-use' CNC programme