Due to its flexibility, the Walter G15XX range of monoblock tools is the ideal choice for cutting depths of up to 6 mm. These include: circlip grooves, sealing ring grooves or thread relief grooves.

Facts and advantages:

  • axial and radial grooving possible with the same tool
  • one tool body for insert widths from 0.6 mm to 6.0 mm
  • simple handling, as the locking screw is accessible from above and below
  • very productive with Tiger∙tec® Silver cutting tool material grades
  • Optimum cooling directly in the cutting zone starting from a coolant pressure as low as 10 bar with precision cooling
  • G1511 - straight tool style
  • G1521 - 90° angled tool style
  • G1551 - 45° angled tool style
  • G1511 - P