Indexable inserts cut the mustard

Powerful, precise, reliable – that's the principle of success behind the
Walter BLAXX family of indexable milling tools. With new cartridges for the F2010 face mill, Walter is making the performance of tangential indexable inserts available for adjustable face milling as well. With the new FR751M and FR752M cartridges,

Walter is combining tried-and-tested technology with the latest developments in machining. A range which includes shoulder mills, porcupine cutters and slitting cutters, the Walter BLAXX family of cutters has been proving itself in the market for a good one and a half years now. The F2010 face mill with adjustable axial runout, on the other hand, is a classic among the Walter range. Its great advantage: thanks to its flexible cartridge construction, the tool is always up-to-date with the latest developments in machining technology.

The basic body remains the same, but the cartridges containing the insert seats can be easily exchanged. Tangential indexable inserts (LNHU) and Tiger•tec Silver® cutting material technology form the backbone of Walter BLAXX. Up to 30 percent higher feed rates are possible. What's more, the cutters  also possess precision-ground indexable inserts with a high level of accuracy, and high-precision tool bodies. Machinists using Walter BLAXX often no longer require a separate finishing tool: These are all benefits that Walter customers now no longer have to go without when face milling.​