Precision boring with a feather-light touch

​The latest addition to the Walter Precision range is the B4031.C single-edged precision boring tool – in a reduced-weight design. While maintaining the same dimensions, a 30 to 50 per cent weight reduction has been. The tool features the same properties and the same performance levels as its "heavier brother" but is much lighter.

Today many machine tools include a Capto interface  as standard. This is the most universal interface ever; suitable for turning, drilling, counterboring and precision boring, as well as for milling. Since autumn 2013, Walter has offered its counterboring and precision boring tools with Capto interfaces: A modular and coordinated tool system.

Lightweight tools are particularly beneficial if a machine's tool magazine can only accommodate a limited weight. In addition, handling the tool is made much easier for personnel in the assembly and setting area. The design also protects the machine and spindle as there is a lower weight to accelerate and decelerate. Due to its special construction, the tool is also more effective at reducing vibration.

Long tools with a large diameter have the greatest potential for saving weight. For this reason, Walter is first adding the LWS design (Light Weight Solution) into its product range with diameters from 90 to 110 mm and 110 to 153 mm, which will be available from May this year.