TC115 / TC216: Threading duo impresses by offering a triple benefit

The smaller the quantities, the higher the relative costs per thread. This is a well-known fact in manufacturing and is especially noticeable when different materials are involved. Walter AG has now developed taps that guarantee an optimal price/performance ratio.

The new duo lowers the costs for threading: The TC115 is designed for blind-hole threads and the TC216 for through-hole threads. In addition to the appeal of their excellent performance and versatile range of application options, customers are particularly impressed by their high level of cost-effectiveness.

In response to customer requirements, the experts at Walter have developed a flexible range of application options for these taps. In several series of experiments, they established the ideal geometry for as wide-ranging a spectrum of materials as possible, from steel to aluminium wrought alloys. "The customer requires fewer tools," says Timo Mager, Product Manager at Walter, summarising the benefits. "Consequently, the investment of time and money in their procurement and storage is lowered as well."​