​The current version (2.05) of Walter AG's "GPS (Global Productivity System)" software, which enables optimal tool usage, is now also available on DVD.

The DVD enables the software to be used on computers without internet access. Whether for drilling, threading or shoulder milling, machine operators benefit from simple user guidance through the tool-recommendation process. The program navigates step by step to the optimal tool solution. Not all computers are always directly connected to the internet, especially in smaller and medium-sized companies. In production areas there is often no access to internet at all. The GPS software on DVD is an upgrade of the online version which was first launched in the autumn of 2011. Since then, the software has been regularly updated and improved. The most recent version (2.05) has the same functions as the online version, and also lists the current prices for Walter's tool range. Because the program operates on the basis of the machining task in question, it is very user friendly. Once the task has been defined, the software proposes a selection of different production technologies. If, for example, a thread is to be produced, this can be achieved by tapping, milling or forming. The software duly recommends a selection of tools from the competence brands Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp with the relevant process and operating-efficiency parameters.