Maximum performance for any job

New developments in coatings for solid carbide tools have encouraged Walter AG to further develop the Tough Guys range of solid carbide mills. The result is an astonishing increase in performance, which prompted Walter to class the new tools in the same category as the high-performance end mills  of the Proto•max™ family: The upgrade of Tough Guys has been given the designation Proto•max™TG. TG stands for Tough Guys – the continuation of a name with a long history of success. The range of Proto•max™ end mills has now been expanded to four models. Along with the specialist products, Proto•max™ST for steel, Proto•max™Ultra for hard materials and Proto•max™Inox for rust-resistant materials, a capable all-rounder, Proto•max™TG is now available. Just like the other members in the family, it offers maximum productivity. Its individual strength is its versatility, as it can be used with the ISO material groups P, K and M, and in many cases, also with S materials. Therefore, it offers the same application possibilities as the original Tough Guys, which have been successfully established in the market. The Proto•max™TG shares the same greater chip clearance in the lower section of the 50 degree spiral flute with its predecessors. This feature guarantees sufficient room for the chips for slot milling up to 0.9 x Dc. The rear cutting edge is characterised by a reinforced core. This gives the tool a high degree of stability.