Hard jewels

Diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man. But PCD is only a high-performance cutting tool material too if it has the right composition and the correct geometry.

With WDN10, Walter can now supply a new, highly wear-resistant PCD cutting material for machining non-ferrous metals (ISO N) and ISO O materials as part of the standard range. The cutting tool material, polycrystalline medium-grained diamond, is highly wear-resistant yet also features extremely sharp cutting edges. WDN10 is therefore the first choice when there are high surface finish quality requirements and tight tolerances. Furthermore, the periphery-ground indexable inserts provide high levels of repeat accuracy during insert replacement.

The result for the user is extremely productive and cost-effective machining. In future, five basic shapes (CCGW/T, DCGW/T, SCGW, TCGW, VCGW/T) in four geometries will be part of the standard range, in stock and ready for delivery. For all Walter PCD tools, the following applies: The focus is on competent special solutions. This also applies for WDN10. Other basic shapes, cutting tool materials and geometries (special equipment) are also available for delivery on request. To ensure that the processes run smoothly on site, support is provided worldwide to all customers by Walter PCD specialists.