Bogie machining in detail

There are few components on railway vehicles which come in so many different variant types as the bogies. The stresses on these components (which consist mainly of welded structures) are never the same, but always extremely high. On ICE trains, for example, half of all axles are driven and the bogies can also be adjusted in their inclination angle. For machining these units, high-precision tools are required which feature the highest possible levels of productivity and flexibility. We offer the right tools for the job, as well as a cutting tool material that has become the benchmark around the world: Tiger·tec® Silver.

Machining contact surfaces

Our solution:
Walter Xtra·tec® F4033 face milling cutter

  • Positive, soft cutting action
  • Eight-edged Tiger·tec® indexable insert

Benefits for you:
Maximum machining volume, low power consumption, reliable machining, long tool life.

Machining the spring plate

Our solution:
Walter BLAXX F5138 porcupine milling cutter

  • Tangential indexable insert with four cutting edges
  • Internal coolant supply for every cutting edge

Benefits for you:
High metal removal rate, almost step-free contours.

Machining a through hole

Our solution:
Walter Xtra·tec® B4215 insert drill

  • Drilling with minimum hole tolerances
  • Xtra·tec® indexable insert with four cutting edges
  • Extremely powerful insert clamping
  • Optimum chip removal

Benefits for you:
High productivity, reliable machining.

Machining the blind hole thread

Our solution:
Walter Prototyp TC121 tap

  • Special geometry for medium-strength steels
  • High-performance coating for better chip formation and tool life

Benefits for you:
Reliable machining, excellent chip control, low costs per thread.