Walter is setting the standards for HSC milling of aluminium alloys

The new M2131 90° ramping milling cutter from Walter AG is equipped with a PVD-coated insert variant that is manufactured using the HiPIMS method.

"HiPIMS" stands for "High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering". This physical process produces extremely dense and smooth PVD coatings. Advantages of the insert coating: Less friction and build-up on the cutting edge, higher resistance to flank face wear and very stable cutting edges. The benefit for the user: Maximum metal removal rates and long tool life! With cutting depths of 15 or 20 mm, the HiPIMS-coated inserts are ideal for ramping and pocket milling.

The M2131 is impressive due to its high level of concentricity. The inserts are provided with integrated protection against centrifugal force. Inner coolant channels, which are suitable for both emulsion and minimum quantity lubrication, complete the precisely designed tool features. Increases in tool life of up to 200 percent can therefore be effortlessly achieved. The M2131 ramping milling cutter from Walter AG is particularly suitable for the HSC machining of aluminium materials, as well as for current aluminium-lithium alloys.

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