Wider range for your heavy-duty cutting needs

Walter is providing new insert widths up to 19 mm to the standard product range

Reliable grooving and widening of groves in heavy-duty cutting: With the G2016-P groove turning holder and the UX grooving insert with GD2 geometry, Walter is launching a grooving system developed specifically for this purpose. It is transferring the insert widths of 12 and 19 mm from the special to the standard product offering. Special features of the system: The UX insert is tangentially mounted; the toolholder and insert are additionally connected via a stable positioning groove. These design features make the system incredibly stable and prevent the insert being "twisted out" of the seat during machining. The GD2 geometry, which is also new, features a protective chamfer for a strong cutting edge, which transitions directly into a positive chip formation. As a result, it enables a very soft cutting action at the same time as good chip breaking – even with large cutting depths and feeds (f) from 0.2 to 0.6 mm.

With this system, the Tübingen-based tool manufacturer is expanding its insert widths in the standard range from the previous maximum of 10 to 19 mm now. As a result, in-stock inserts are now available from a quantity of one unit. The primary application is steel; but it was also possible to achieve good results in cast iron. The high degree of stability and process reliability of the grooving system is beneficial for users in the energy and wind power sector in particular, for example for machining generator and turbine shafts. The same applies to large shaft manufacturers, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. The combination with wear-resistant Walter Tiger·tec® Silver MT-CVD grades additionally increases the tool life – and therefore the cost-efficiency of the system.