More teeth and more chips

Walter is rounding off the new Xtra·tec® XT M5130 shoulder milling cutter range

With the Xtra·tec® XT M5130 shoulder milling cutters, Walter has developed a new generation of milling cutters to buck the trend. Instead of further reducing the clearance angle for the benefit of the cutting force, Walter is actually making it larger – and is instead rotating the position of the indexable inserts by 8° so that the effective clearance angle actually stays the same. In turn, the stability and process reliability of the milling cutters is significantly improved – as well as their handling and productivity. It was possible to reinforce the insert pocket by +40%, the cross-section surrounding the insert hole by +12%, and the insert support surface by +34%. More teeth have been added to the milling body thanks to the changed installation position. For example, with a diameter of 63 mm there are seven teeth instead of the previous total of six. This means that the metal removal rate is increased.

The design of the Xtra·tec® XT M5130 means that not only is it more stable and therefore more reliable than previous shoulder milling cutters, but it can also be used with higher feeds per tooth. Combined with the high number of teeth, this results in a significant increase in productivity. This is an effect that is even further enhanced by the use of Tiger·tec® Gold cutting tool materials such as the recently introduced PVD grade WSP45G. The improved accessibility of the clamping screws simplifies insert replacement, therefore reducing the indexing time. With the new indexable insert size BC..0903.. (r = 0.2–2.0 mm for ap max 9 mm), Walter now offers the M5130 with four insert sizes in various corner radii: For ap max = 5, 9, 12 and 15 mm. The new milling cutter generation is ideal for face milling, shoulder milling, ramping, pocket milling and circular interpolation milling for a wide range of users from the energy industry to general mechanical engineering.