Maximum tool life in steel

New, internally cooled Walter TC430 Supreme thread formers

Tübingen, 26th January 2021 – Walter is expanding its range of thread formers with the addition of the TC430 Supreme. The HSS-E-PM thread formers for blind-hole and through-hole threads with thread depths of up to 3.5 × DN have been specially designed for a very long tool life in steel. This is also in part down to their wear-resistant HIPIMS coating (AlCrN), in particular the combination of internal coolant and the avoidance of lubrication grooves for blind-hole threads – which is unique on the market. In addition to the cooling, this ensures good lubricating properties. The cooling fluid is "pressed" out of the blind hole along the forming edges, which lubricates these edges and therefore reduces wear. When shaping blind-hole and through-hole threads, the internal coolant is radial. A third version for short threads < 3 × D does without lubrication grooves and internal coolant.

With the TC430 Supreme, users benefit from a lasting high thread quality, even over a long tool life. The extremely smooth HIPIMS coating minimises weld formations in steel materials with high adhesion. The stable tool cross-section without lubrication grooves – which is typical of thread formers – and the chip-free machining increase the process reliability. Walter is making the TC430 Supreme available with and without lubrication grooves in the dimensions M2–M20 (metric) and M8×1–M16×1.5 (metric fine). In addition to the HIPIMS grade WW60EL (HSS-E-PM + AlCrN), Walter's range also includes the thread former in the TiN-coated grade WW60AD (HSS-E-PM + TiN). According to Walter, this steel specialist is typically used in general mechanical engineering, and the automotive and energy industries..