Tool with high cutting rate and screw interface that devours metal

​The solid carbide milling cutters from the Proto·max™Inox range are the tools from Walter that can really bite into stainless steel. The outstanding feature was always the large machining volume, and that still remains the same. The tool now comes with improved holding options, thanks to Walter's trademark ConeFit™ interface.

Proto·max™Inox milling cutters with ConeFit™ interface allow for substantial cuts into high-grade ISO M (austenitic stainless) as well as in ISO S-materials as a secondary application. The developers from the competence brand Walter Prototyp have measured a performance increase of 50 per cent compared with conventional modular tools on the market: This was possible thanks to a geometry with 50° helix angle and four cutting edges, a new TAA coating and, in particular, internal through coolant, which has been a crucial factor in increasing tool life by up to 50 per cent in tests.

"In addition to our two shank design variants – Weldon and a cylindrical shank – the ConeFit™ interface means that we can be more flexible," explains Mark Flommer, Product Manager for Round Milling Tools at Walter. "But we were also able to further boost performance. What I am talking about primarily here is low-vibration operation due to the differential pitch, as well as a soft cutting action thanks to optimised microgeometry."

Internal cooling channels with radial outlets maintain a constant operating temperature and, as a result of reliable chip evacuation, ensure a high level of process reliability. The new TAA coating with a titanium aluminium nitride (TiAlN) base ensures that cutting edge integrity is maintained for much longer periods than previously achieved. The milling cutters perform best on machines with combined internal and external cooling systems, a typical application example would be for roughing and finishing stainless steel flanges or flanges made from nickel alloys.

An overview of Proto·max™Inox milling cutters with ConeFit™ interface:

  • Available with and without corner radius
  • Corner radius of 0.5 or 4 mm
  • Available in diameters of 10 to 25 mm
  • Machines full slots up to 0.5 x Dc
  • ConeFit™ = short taper with planar support face and thread, interface size E10 to E25
  • Pocket milling, inclined plunging and contour milling