Up to 40 percent longer tool life with new thread mills from Walter

Thread mills are used in cases where processes such as thread cutting and thread forming don't go far enough, and tool quality and process reliability assume an overproportional importance. So it's hardly a coincidence that Walter is entering the two thread mills TC610 (thread depth = 1.5 x D) and TC611 (thread depth = 2.0 x D) in the race as the first representatives for its newly introduced "Walter Supreme" product line.

The two new TC610 and TC611 mills are available in two equally new grades: WB10RD and WJ30RC (B/J = substrate type, 10/30 = wear resistance, RD/RC = coating: TiALN/TiALN plus ZrN). Both variants can be universally used for materials from the ISO P, M, K, N and S groups. The difference lies in the differently balanced relationship between process reliability and tool life for different machining situations.

Micro-grain carbide with a high level of cutting edge strength is used for both grades. Beyond that, however, WJ30RC is also characterised by a higher level of toughness. Both mills show an enormous improvement in performance in terms of tool life, in comparison to the predecessor tool. But the WB10RD grade can do a little more than that: Because of the substrate and zirconium nitrite coating, it is harder and offers a 40 percent longer tool life in comparison to the competition, provided that the prevailing conditions are right: A stable machine, low projection length and correspondingly low lateral pressure on the tool.​