Transparency and efficiency

Walter tool supply systems


With the Walter tool vending machines, all the necessary tools – for the user group defined by you – are available around the clock. The user is also provided with extensive information: for example, this may be information about overall tool consumption, which tools were required for a particular component, and how often, or which departments require the greatest number of tools. No interface is required to connect to all modules of the TDM tool management software, and your management and analysis functions will be significantly expanded.

The Walter tool supply system is available in "basic" and "professional" versions and its groundbreaking, user-friendly design has modular scalability. The customer can configure their system according to their own individual requirements. Whether drawers, spirals or both at once – a unique combination on the market – Walter Multiply makes it possible. It allows, where required, several units to be arranged in series to form one large, total capacity, and controlled centrally. Alternatively, the supply systems in production can, of course, also be arranged locally.​


The Walter tool supply systems are appealing due to their modern, innovative design and set new tones, signalled by the elegant, black-fronted housing. Focussed tool management expertise – with functionality developed specifically for practical use.

Your advantages:

  • reduced tool stock size
  • no missing production equipment
  • reduced production downtimes as a result
  • an end to the problem of illegally held stocks and those which have just been "left lying around somewhere"
  • shorter routes from tool to machine