Pad-guided finishing

Special tools for reaming

​Drilling, boring, reaming: this is the conventional machining sequence for optimum process reliability. Walter's high-performance drilling and boring tools can be put to use for efficient pre-machining.
Combining several machining steps in one reamer significantly reduces the overall machining time for reaming. Multi-step tools for the complete finish machining of a hole contour and combination tools for several operations are technically possible and often expedient. Walter's engineers have decades of experience in the field of reamers with indexable inserts and guide pads.​

Facts and advantages:

  • extremely precise, fixed guide elements
  • replaceable, adjustable precision indexable inserts
  • sharply ground cutting edges and specific cutting geometry
  • broad field of application: cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals
  • tolerances < IT7 with large diameters
  • high degree of cylindricity, straightness and coaxiality
  • high level of process reliability
  • internal coolant supply for high cutting data and tool life

In addition to the standard reamer range comprising series R4060 and R4061, as well as the standard reaming plates P6500, 95% of special tools and special indexable inserts are manufactured. Their design bears testament, once again, to the high level of expertise of Walter's engineers.

The reamers provide the customer with the benefit of process reliability coupled with manageable costs. The wear parts (indexable inserts) can easily be replaced on site. Using one of Walter's adjustment devices for reamers, the tool is ready for use again in next to no time. Maintaining constant settings leads to consistent hole quality. Even the first hole drilled following the adjustment is another successful hole without a gauge cut.

The tools are optimally suited to Cpk-critical processes owing to their adjustability. MQL supply, weight-reduced designs and unbalance optimisation are key words for which the tool designers can provide a reliable solution.