Huge challenges, strong tools

Special tools for milling


Machining very large cast parts such as turbine housings is a real challenge. Highly fluctuating profile measurements, major differences in diameter or considerable imbalances are just a few of the parameters which demonstrate that Walter special tools are the right tools for the job.​

We develop special side and face mills for our customers, with diameters of over 2 metres. The uniqueness of the machining task is matched by the uniqueness of the special tool. For example, the degree of accuracy required for the profiles of the turbine blades and turbine shafts used in steam turbines is extremely high. We will provide you with insert finishing end mills for finishing blade roots and attachment grooves in turbine shafts: with these mills, you will be able to achieve a degree of profile accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm. The Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ system is one of the most successful modular tooling systems for milling.




  • ConeFit™ is flexible and can be used for any type of machining
  • modular design with different shank variants
  • extremely high level of stability and precision due to support faces and taper contact surfaces with patented self-centring thread
  • reduced inventory costs thanks to a very flexible, universal tooling system
  • machine downtimes are reduced by changing the head directly in the machine
  • high machining productivity due to extreme rigidity


Walter PCD milling cutter with laser-generated chip breakers

  • Good chip control
  • Chip breaking even for extremely tough materials and wrought aluminium alloys
  • Low tendency towards vibration
  • Lower cutting forces