Cost-effective tooling solutions for standard and special machines

Precision-controlled tools (motion tools)

​In spite of the enormous technological progress made in recent years, today we are faced with the challenge of providing complex machining operations which are both cost-effective and reliable for a variety of components.

In the past, this was a problem that could only be solved by means of complex tool designs and time-intensive processes. Not only this, but it was not possible to carry out the individual machining operations on conventional machine tools.

In answer to this, Walter offers users extremely efficient special tools: medium-actuated (using coolant or compressed air) and cross-feed-driven hole machining tools. The basic function here is identical for all the tooling systems mentioned: a linear machining movement is converted to a radial machining movement using a medium or cross-feed.

Facts and advantages:

  • complex machining contours can be cut in one machining cycle.
  • high dimensional and geometrical accuracy and time savings
  • machining operations are combined: high dimensional and geometrical accuracy and time savings
  • cutting edge wear compensation ensures optimal use of cutting material.
  • whereas in the past, special machine equipment was required, today it is possible to reliably carry out the relevant machining operation on a conventional machine tool without special equipment.
  • time-consuming manual intervention in the machining process is no longer necessary


Whether finish machining cylinder liners in passenger car and heavy-goods vehicle production or reverse countersinking through-holes on a wind turbine, Walter knows how to go about providing a complex machining solution efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.