Made-to-measure processes, lower unit costs

Special tools for turning

​Limited resources, growth and innovation in mechanical engineering constantly present cutting tool manufacturing and Turning with new challenges. In particular, interrupted cuts, precision moulds, different materials and thin-walled components require specific cutting materials, particular geometries and tailored machining strategies and processes.

We would like to give our customers an advantage in day-to-day competition: to do this, we opt for solutions such as specific combination tools for turning, which improve both quality and cost-effectiveness. In addition, tailored machining processes and combination tools with multiple cutting edges save on tool changing and minimise chip to chip time.

As a user, this means that, as a result of optimally adapted processes and tools, you reduce unit costs, decrease processing time and, because of the saving on tool spaces you now have on your turning centre, you can insert complementary tools.
​We offer users a large selection of standard tool holders and indexable inserts for grooving and turning. Machining geometries (such as the FP5, MP3, MP5, RP5) are constantly under redevelopment, giving optimum results in finishing and roughing. Unprecedented tool life can be achieved with our new Tiger∙tec® Silver coating.
The Walter-Capto™ range is the ideal tooling solution for fast tool changing. The unique polygonal profile allows extremely high stability and a degree of repeat accuracy or change-over precision which is +/- 2 µm with respect to centre height and tool length. Depending on the machining process, gauge cuts may no longer be necessary. The Walter Capto™ range comprises all the DIN ISO turning indexable inserts.
Walter offers a similarly broad spectrum of indexable inserts and holders for grooving. Whether for parting off, grooving or groove-turning, we have the right tool. The combination of Walter cutting materials and the appropriate grooving holders guarantees outstanding machining cutting data coupled with high process reliability and excellent surface quality.​