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Product innovations and new developments in boring bars/adaptors


AC001 and AC060 Accure·tec vibration-damped milling adaptors – vibration-free machining with long milling tools.

  • High productivity and surface quality – with long tool life for the tool and spindle 
  • Vibration damping "preset" at the factory – install and use immediately (no time lost tuning)
  • Stable process producing little noise 
  • Reliable machining operations with projection lengths of up to 5 × D are possible
  • Depth of cut up to three times higher (compared to conventional methods)
  • Optimum chip removal thanks to internal coolant supply

AB735 synchronous ER threaded insert – make the most of your tool's performance.

  • Low investment costs thanks to modular design
  • Increased tool life and process reliability
  • Higher productivity thanks to faster tool changes
  • Low-maintenance; lower risk of tool breakage
  • Saves costs as fewer tools are required