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Walter Cut DX – with "SmartLock"​

First choice for parting off diameters up to 35 mm

Thanks to its unparalleled handling benefits, the DX system is unlike any other currently available parting off system for Swiss type auto lathes and multi-spindle machines – especially where space is limited: The screw connection for insert clamping is fitted to the side instead of the usual position on the top ("SmartLock"). Only DX makes it possible to change the inserts in the machine. Because of this, the system does away with most of the change time. Attaching cooling hoses further amplifies this effect.

    checkmark Reliable thanks to patented positive-locking design: No incorrect fitting of the cutting insert, particularly for small insert widths

    checkmark Tool change time reduced by 70% thanks to simple insert changeover in the machine with SmartLock

    Walter SmartLock
    checkmark Increased cutting parameters and longer tool life thanks to new, more stable insert clamping
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Walter Cut MX – the all-rounder

The cost-efficient four-edged tool up to diameters of 12 mm

Walter Cut MX is the perfect grooving and parting off tooling system for parting off small diameters up to 12 mm and for grooving up to 6 mm. Ideal for precision grooves and extremely versatile. This is because all cutting edge versions can be used in the same toolholder. Can be used on CNC lathe and multi-spindle machines, as well as automatic lathes. Alongside the cost-efficiency resulting from four cutting edges, the MX system impresses more than anything because of its safe handling, outstanding repeat accuracy and a high level of process reliability, as the indexable inserts boast dowel pin location.

    checkmark Very user-friendly thanks to self-aligning tangential screw clamping

    checkmark Maximum stability and precision thanks to stable, wide contact surface in the toolholder, regardless of cutting width

    checkmark Special grooves
    can be ordered via Walter Xpress, e.g. for grooving and chamfering, special widths, etc.

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Walter Cut GX – the universal system​

Double the cost-efficiency with diameters up to 65 mm

The wide range of double-edged indexable inserts makes the GX system the first choice for cutting depths up to 33 mm and parting off diameters up to 65 mm. These inserts are available in various different versions: In the form of monoblock tools, reinforced parting blades, with a Walter CaptoTM interface or as boring bars – with or without precision cooling. Grooving, parting off, internal recessing: Everything is possible with the Walter Cut GX universal system – axially and radially, in virtually all ISO materials.

    checkmark Wide selection of chip formations and grades –
    the right cutting tool material and chip formation for any application

    checkmark Double-edged grooving system –
    with cutting depths up to 33 mm

    checkmark Radial, axial and internal machining –-
    all with the same cutting inserts

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Walter Cut SX – for large diameters

The no. 1 for parting off operations up to 200 mm

A self-clamping grooving system is indispensable wherever large cutting depths are required (≥ 33 mm). The single-edged Walter Cut SX system is the right choice here. Ideal for parting off applications with large diameters up to 200 mm – and, thanks to Tiger·tec® Silver PVD and CVD grades, can be used in steel, stainless steel and materials with difficult cutting properties, as well as for machining cast iron (also for non-ferrous metals in the uncoated version).

    checkmark No loss of the cutting edge during machining due to the optimal, positive-locking self-clamping system of the insert seat

    checkmark Optimised chip formation types for various applications and precise coolant supply

    checkmark A single cutting insert for parting off and slitting, resulting in lower inventory costs

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The new Walter grooving handbook

Your guide for all grooving operations

Which tool should I use and when? Which chip formation should I choose? On which material, with which parameters and, most importantly: Using which machining strategy? With this fully revised handbook for all grooving applications, Walter is providing you with a practical aid which can offer you further assistance in a range of issues encountered during your everyday work. Order now – or ask your Walter representative.

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grooving handbook​​

Grooving with W​alter Cut

Tailored to your specific grooving operation

Whether it is groove turning holders and grooving systems for radial grooving, parting off, axial grooving and internal grooving, indexable inserts with new parting off or recessing geometries or tailored cutting tool materials and coatings, etc.: The comprehensive range of Walter Cut grooving tools enables you to achieve top performance in any grooving operation. No matter the cutting depth, insert width or material – Walter Cut has the solution to take your results to the next level. Especially outstanding: The Tiger·tec® Silver grooving inserts with PVD aluminium oxide coating for stainless steels, steel materials and difficult-to-cut materials.

Grooving, parting off, internal recessing – axially and radially, in highly diverse materials and for a wide range of component geometries: There are Walter Cut recessing tools and systems for an almost infinite array of applications. You can find an overview of the most important systems here.

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