Career opportunities

Key roles in the world of Walter

Your path to becoming a manager

As a (future) manager at Walter, we expect you to:
  • Act with integrity
  • Continuously further your personal development
  • Trust in your employees
  • Focus strongly on team work
  • Keep an open mind
  • Manage by objectives
  • Be innovative
We support our managers and employees with potential to become managers on this path with corresponding training courses and instruments – based on our leadership model.


Your path to becoming a specialist

Walter supports not only the classic management pathway; as an expert, you develop and share your expertise. So that ideas become targeted solutions.
To achieve this, we offer the following opportunities in some locations:

  • Support through special masters programmes
  • Cooperation with universities (e.g. in the field of R&E)
  • Global technical further training opportunities
  • Exchange and on-the-job training with our technical experts

As a technical company, it is important to us that young professionals can also develop into specialists. That's the only way to drive forward products and technologies with a promising future.

Women in technical professions 
By the way: Because we occupy a very technical, male-dominated field with metal machining, we expressly encourage women to apply and get involved with Walter.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. (Henry Ford). This quote has accompanied me throughout my entire career and drives my ambitions. However, you need a strong partner to achieve these goals, not just a quote and your will. I have found this partner in Walter AG." Nicole, Product Manager.

Whether you are working as a manager or a specialist, we allow for and encourage transfers from one function to another. And because we are a multi-national group with numerous sales and distribution subsidiaries and production locations, there are many different development prospects.


​Lateral entry

Walter also offers newcomers to the industry the opportunity to become successful specialists. Those specialising or interested in the priority topic of "digitalisation" are particularly welcome at Walter.

Join us on the path into the digital future!