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Walter Innotime

High-speed component design  – digital and transparent

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​W​​​a​lter Innotime​

High-speed component design  – digital and transparent

Walter Innotime​​

Find the right tools for your component in n​o time at all

Upload 3D models and benefit from our quote in record time

  • Walter Innotime takes your component design to the next level. Use it to find the right machining solution for your component in no time at all. Simply upload a 3D model of your component and Walter Innotime will generate a recommendation for the tools required and suitable machining parameters. This recommendation is then validated and adapted by our expert technicians and engineers.
  • Whenever and wherever you want – any time. Walter Innotime significantly speeds up the design process – and reduces the time taken to receive a valid quote from days to mere hours.

Fast, easy, cost-effective – Walter Innotime.

  1. • Quick results
  2. • Simple, intuitive operation
  3. Available for ​our registered customers
Start Walter Innotime​​

Your digital interface to Walter Engineering Kompetenz

24/7 availability, open to your data and ideas

The Walter Innotime web application, which is available to you free of charge, is faster and more efficient than ever. Intelligent algorithms combine existing Walter systems with Walter Engineering Kompetenz, enabling fast feedback and reliable results. Simply drag & drop the 3D files for your component to upload them, and benefit from our combined Water expertise in a number of ways:
Fast determination of all the Walter tools required to produce your component, including cutting parameters and the number and cost of tools – for your material, your machine and your component.

Features and advantages from which you benefit:​

  • Fast, efficient tool solution – digital and transparent
  • All required tools (including number, price and machining parameters) in no time at all
  • User-friendly drag & drop interface
  • Simply upload the 3D data for your component and obtain a valid quote​ in no time
  • Support for all common 3D formats
  • Benefit from Walter Engineering Kompetenz 24/7
Walter Innotime

A digital search at component level that is unique on the market

Upload a 3D model, define machining operations, generate a tool solution

Walter Innotime uses the 3D model of your component that you provide to analyse the machining operations that are required. Here are the individual steps in this process:


  • The 3D model of the component is uploaded using drag & drop. All common file formats can be imported.
  • The material to be machined is selected and the machine for processing is defined.
  • If necessary, additional data such as hole tolerances or thread forms can be added.


  • Innotime analyses the component and determines the individual areas to be machined and the corresponding required machining steps
  • Innotime uses the component analysis and required machining steps, as well as the material and machine, to calculate the most cost-effective tool solution using Walter GPS
  • The request is sent


  • The most cost-effective machining solution is suggested: Which tools are required – and how many?
  • The most important machining parameters (e.g. feed, depth of cut and cutting speed) are added for each suggested tool.
  • This allows us to generate a quote for you in no time at all – with a prepared hole and surface plan, if requested.
*Verified by our sales engineer in the current version


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Walter Innotime – test it now!

...and see the future of component design for yourself

The experts at Walter Engineering use the Walter Innotime digital design assistant to determine the most cost-effective machining solution for your component. Our engineers benefit from machining your request, but you, as our customer, benefit most of all – from receiving the optimum tool solution significantly faster, and from the fact that less time is lost coordinating different software systems and interfaces. This time can instead be invested in working out the best possible solution for your component. Upload your component now – and test Walter Innotime! All you have to do is register, if you haven't already.

Quote: "Digital Walter solutions make it easier for our customers to find, order and use tools. Walter Innotime plays an especially important role here. It combines digital systems and Walter Engineering Kompetenz – thereby enabling fast, simple, cost-effective component design. Unlike anything else in the sector around the world."​

Dr. Michael Hepp, CIO & Vice President Digital Transformation at Walter
Walter Innotime ​ 

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