Long tool life in series production

Walter TC470 Supreme thread former with HiPIMS coating. With the TC470 Supreme, Walter is introducing a thread former especially for the requirements of series manufacturers – longer tool life, higher productivity and better process reliability.

Its geometry has more forming edges than comparable thread formers. The HiPIMS coating and the new type of tool pre- and post-treatment reduce edge wear and increase tool edge life. This enables higher machining parameters and increases productivity. The very smooth yet hard HiPIMS coating significantly reduces the torque. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the surface quality.

The TC470 Supreme has been developed for machining steel materials (ISO P). In practice, it has also produced similarly good results in aluminium (ISO N). A long tool life, high machining parameters and very good process reliability make the thread former appealing to mass producers such as those in the automotive industry. Users can choose from a large product range. Walter is offering the TC470 Supreme in four variants: With or without lubrication grooves and/or internal coolant, as well as with radial or axial coolant outlet, optimized for long and short threads. Dimension range (metric) M3–M10 or (metric fine) M10 × 1–M16 × 1.5 and for thread depths up to 3.5 × DN.