New products for vibration-free milling and turning

Walter is expanding its vibration-damping Accure·tec range

With the vibration-damped Accure·tec adaptors and boring bars, Walter launched a technology specifically for vibration-free turning and milling with long overhangs. Damping elements flexibly mounted axially and radially ensure a stable process producing little noise. The vibration damping is preset at the factory, doing away with the need for time-consuming tuning before the machining operation. Walter is now adding to its range: The conical AC060 milling adaptor with ScrewFit interfaces in sizes T18, T22 and T28 is expanding the range for screw-on milling cutter heads. With this new addition, standards tools such as Xtra·tec® XT milling cutters can now be used with Accure·tec. Walter cites components with tight interference contours or deep pockets, for example in mould and die making, as typical applications for their smaller diameters.

In turning, new modular A3001 boring bars are extending the application range: From diameters of 25–50 mm at present, it now also covers diameters of 60–100 mm – and lengths up to 10×D. In this way, machining operations up to 1 m long, for example with hydraulic cylinders or valves in the oil and gas industry, can now be implemented with no vibration. The modular set-up of boring bar, adaptor (in two different versions) and QuadFit quick-change head also makes it possible to increase the distance between bore and boring bar, even with very deep bores, therefore optimising the space for chip removal. Due to the availability of cylindrical shank, Walter Capto™ or HSK-T interfaces, the user can increase productivity and reduce non-productive time, regardless of the machine in use. In turning, this is achieved by the QuadFit quick-change heads for ISO indexable inserts and the new addition of inserts for thread turning (T1820), while in milling, tools from the ScrewFit range are used.