Walter rounds off DX18 parting off and recessing range

With the launch of the G4014 turning toolholder with SmartLock, Walter already succeeded in reducing cutting insert indexing times for Swiss type auto lathes and multi-spindle machines by up to 70%.

The Tübingen-based manufacturer is now expanding its DX18 parting off and recessing range. As with the G4014, Walter is also using the double-edged DX18 cutting inserts with Walter's own positive engagement design for the new additions in the form of the G4041 deep parting blades and G4011 monoblock shank tools (with and without precision cooling, respectively). This reliably prevents lateral movement of the inserts in the insert seat, therefore increasing the indexing accuracy, stability and process reliability.

Together with the raised chip shoulder, which improves chip evacuation, this makes higher feeds possible. This, in turn, leads to a longer tool life for the cutting insert and toolholder. Including G4041-P deep parting blades and Walter Capto™ G4011-P tools for universal application, the Walter range therefore now covers insert widths from 2 to 4 mm and cutting depths up to 10 mm and 17.5 mm, respectively. The potential application ranges given by Walter are all machining operations, from parting off and grooving with a flat groove base through to universal application for recessing and dynamic recessing. Regardless of the tool, users from all industries can benefit from the high level of process reliability of the positive-locking DX18 cutting inserts and the high degree of productivity due to improved chip breaking.