Tool innovations  in drilling


Indexable insert drill D4120 – perfect performance and precision.

  • Easy chip removal provides maximum process reliability
  • Hardened and polished surfaces offer protection against friction
  • Secure indexable insert clamping with Torx Plus screws
  • Low cutting material costs due to four cutting edges
  • Long tool life thanks to wear-resistant Tiger·tec® Silver grades

Exchangeable-tip drill D4140 & D4240 – incomparably tough in all working conditions.

  • Maximum process reliability and tool life due to coolant outlet directly on the cutting edge
  • Reliable chip evacuation due to polished flutes
  • Protection against friction and long tool life for the drilling body due to hardened and polished surface
  • Simple indexable insert selection with Color Select

X·treme Evo solid carbide drill: Strong performance – universal use.

  • DC160 & DC260 Advance product family
  • High productivity in many different materials
  • Lands located in advanced position to ensure rapid guidance in the hole
  • Remarkable positioning accuracy thanks to the innovative new thinner web
  • Can be used universally