Tool innovations and new developments in milling


M5130 shoulder milling cutter – Xtra·tec® XT – performance und reliability extend your perspective.

  • Maximum stability for optimum productivity and process reliability
  • Lower tool costs and minimal administrative effort thanks to universal usability
  • No additional finishing operations thanks to exact 90° angle
  • Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials guarantee extremely high cutting data
  • Excellent handling thanks to improved accessibility
  • High number of teeth and small indexable inserts for maximum efficiency

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With AC.T0602 for apmax = 5mm
With BC.T1605.. for apmax = 15mm
With BC.T1204.. for apmax = 12mm ǀ From 1st February 2020

Xtra·tec® XT M5009 & M5012 face milling cutter – small indexable inserts, high productivity.

  • High level of stability – ideal for small machining allowances and variable conditions
  • Maximum feeds, tool life and productivity thanks to small indexable inserts and high number of teeth
  • High level of process reliability due to tough double-sided indexable inserts
  • Very good handling thanks to easily accessible clamping screw at an angle – prevents typical installation mistakes
  • Highly cost-effective thanks to low cutting tool material costs

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M5009 (κ=45°) with SN.X0904.. for apmax = 5mm
M5012 (κ=88°) with SN.X0904.. for apmax = 8mmǀ From 1st February 2020

MC232 Perform solid carbide milling cutter – uniquely cost-efficient and can be used universally with ISO P, M and K materials.

  • Can be used universally for diverse milling strategies with various different materials
  • Wide range of applications thanks to tools with reduced neck and corner radii
  • High level of cost efficiency for small and medium batch sizes