Tool innovations in threading


TC420 Supreme thread former – superior performance, universal application.

  • Can be used with all formable materials 
  • Up to 30% lower torque 
  • High cutting speeds possible 
  • Better surface finish than that achieved by thread cutting 
  • Up to 30% higher break-out resistance under dynamic load

Supreme line​​​

TC430 Supreme thread former – specially designed for chip-free ISO P machining.

  • Maximum tool life in all formable steel materials 
  • High level of process reliability, as no chips are formed and strong tool cross-section
  • High surface quality of the thread ​

Supreme line​​​

TC440 Supreme thread former – powerful and reliable in stainless steels.

  • Long tool life and high process reliability due to newly developed, patent-pending geometry
  • Suitable for any application thanks to a range of different variants 
  • High thread quality from the technological advantages of thread forming

Supreme line​​​