Not one drill for all, but the right one for everyone

In other words: Walter offers you an extensive range of metal drills as well as boring and reaming tools for drilling from solid, boring, precision boring and reaming. These boring and reaming tools and drills help you complete your tasks with the greatest accuracy and outstanding efficiency at all times using a wide range of drilling machines and methods. When machining workpieces in general mechanical engineering as well as in mould and die making, in the automotive industry or in the energy industry. In addition to solid carbide and high-speed steel (HSS) twist drills with diameters from 0.05 mm to 100 mm, our product range also includes various systems with indexable inserts and exchangeable drill tips, in other words: Exchangeable-tip drills. Alongside analogue tools, digital solutions with or without balance compensation are also available for precision boring. Tools for countersinking and reaming that are adapted to the material being machined or the specific application complete our contribution towards achieving the best possible drilling results.

Three product lines – for greater efficiency

Walter's Perform, Advance and Supreme product lines offer you special advantages when it comes to using tools efficiently and cost-effectively in terms of tool costs and drilling performance. This makes the drilling and reaming tools from the Perform line impressive, especially for machining small and medium batches. In particular because these boring and reaming tools are suitable for a wide range of applications and are compatible with various different materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The strengths of the tools in the Advance line come into play best in production of medium batch sizes. This is because these drilling and reaming tools combine low costs with excellent performance data and a wide product range. The Supreme line contains drilling and reaming tools with very special machining qualities in high-end drilling. These drilling and reaming tools are always the first choice wherever high cutting speeds and long tool life for machining large batches are required. For customers who use boring and reaming tools and drills from Walter, this means: Whether you are drilling from solid, boring, precision boring, deep boring, tapping, countersinking or reaming – Walter solid carbide drills and HSS drills, drilling and reaming tools with indexable inserts and reamers always offer you the highest quality and practicality. From the drill insert cutting edge, right up to the shank – and from the smallest to the largest diameter! The result is drilled holes which are truly impressive – in all material groups. From steel to stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, through to high-temperature alloys and titanium. Depending on requirements, even in particularly hard materials, such as hardened steel or chilled cast iron. 

Optimum performance thanks to optimised properties

To achieve properties such as high cutting performance, low wear, optimal chip evacuation and minimal burr formation, we ensure at the development stage for our drills that all anticipated requirements for the drilled holes are met as effectively as possible. At high or low speeds as well as in soft or hard materials – from thin sheet metal to deep drilled holes in solid material. The various cutting tool materials, which are used for example to produce our solid carbide drills and HSS drills, are crucial for the quality of our drills, exchangeable-tip drills and drilling tools with indexable inserts. This is because their composition alone enables higher thermal loading, a particularly high level of toughness or wear resistance, for example. This applies in particular to high-performance twist drills and special tools. Moreover, the cutting edge geometry and the design of our drills guarantee drilled holes of outstanding quality. The optimised geometry of the ground drill insert, for example, improves centring and allows for higher feed rates – therefore increasing productivity. The integrated internal coolant in many tools ensures the longest possible tool life. An optimised flute profile improves chip removal. The various solid carbide drills, HSS drills and drilling tools with indexable inserts are also available with different surface coatings – depending on what they are used for. These significantly contribute towards improved chip evacuation and reduced friction, for example – and therefore protect against excessive thermal loading. Drilled hole by drilled hole. 


Finding the right drill quickly and easily

A variety of selection tools are available to enable you to find the right drill quickly and simply each and every time. Our online catalogue gives you a comprehensive overview of Walter's entire range of drills, drilling tools, and boring and reaming tools. With Walter GPS, you also have the possibility of selecting the ideal drill for your requirements in just a few steps, precisely tailored to your application and the material to be drilled. The Walter eLibrary app is another source of information. We are, of course, always on hand to provide individual consultation for you personally. Please contact us for more information.