Walter, partner of "Aeronautical Sector Day" in Sevilla

08:00 - 14:00 / 2015-10-22

Centro Aerópolis - Parq. Tec. Aeroespacial, C/Ingeniero Rafael Rubio Elola nº1, 1ª planta

Business opportunities in manufacturing aeronautical components and substructures: Is there way of MRL 4 to 8?


On October 22 there will be a morning session of conference with experts on the subject: Manufacture of aeronautical components and substructures. Is there a way of MRL 4 to 8? Walter will participate as a partner company of the day in which they will present the main trends in the manufacture of the aviation sector, multitasking manufacturing, tooling and its importance in the production process, consisting of fuselage, drill and changing technology among other things . Below can download the program of the day consists of lectures, coffee break and lunch. CONFERENCE PROGRAM.pdf We hope to see you!