eXtra performance – thanks to the new grade: Tiger·tec® Silver WSM45X

High temperature resistance combined with high wear resistance, toughness and phenomenal hardness: These are the key features of the new inserts in the Tiger·tec® Silver WSM45X grade, which can boost performance by up to 67% more than other comparable tools.

The special Tiger·tec® Silver surface treatment and the high-performance substrate ensure maximum process reliability when working with materials that have difficult cutting properties, such as titanium alloys. The unique Al2O3 coating enables users to increase their productivity when machining – especially when using materials that are difficult to cut. The surfaces are also extremely flat, which help to significantly reduce built up edge. Yet another benefit of the two-tone Tiger·tec® Silver coating is that it allows users to identify wear quickly and thus make sure that all cutting edges are used efficiently.

The indexable inserts in the Tiger·tec® Silver WSM45X grade are available for all popular Xtra·tec® and new M4000 face and shoulder mills, and the Walter F2334 copy milling cutter. WSM45X is also particularly well-suited to machining stainless steels (ISO M) and difficult-to-cut materials (ISO S). Typical components include exhaust-gas turbo chargers, turbine blades and titanium frames for use in the aerospace industry.

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